• Goags20172
    Hold on. Someone just informed that USF teams are called the Dons, not the Aggies. Oops, April Fools !

    Giving up 19 runs is not impressive, but the way they fought back with 9 unanswered runs was. Alejandro Lara hit two homeruns. Kelly also hit one. Gedestad hit the first of his Aggie career. They at least won the homerun hitting competition.

    So what happened ? Vaughn pitched some of the freshman pitchers after the other Lara and they were lit up. They'll get better. Can't fault Vaughn for getting them some experience.

    There actually were a couple of good pitching performances. Nick Johnson pitched two scoreless innings and third catcher Nathan Peng's 3 innings in his pitching debut probably saved UCD from having to pitch Briggs. Not a desperation move. Peng was a very accomplished pitcher in HS. Why not ? He's just gathering dust on the bench otherwise.
  • Gunrock47
    8th time this spring UCD has allowed 10+ runs. Second time they've given up 17-plus, but the first time was against a Pac-12 team (Arizona State). Vaughn was extended recently as I recall, but Ags are making another run at finishing near, if not dead last in conference.
  • Goags20172
    I hate to beat a dead horse, but it's really been a failure of the bullpen. Who knew with Hooper and Anderson leaving the player we'd be missing the most would be reliever Connor Loar ?

    And it isn't just that it's been ineffective. The coach has not always been using his relievers effectively this year, and that in the right situations. I previously cited the example of the Utah Valley meltdown. Spillane was left in to pitch the 6th after he just barely got out of the 5th until he created a difficult situation and Moffitt was brought in, then despite his wildness he was left in to allow a few runs. By the time Andres Lara was brought in he was just working to preserve a tie. That was Spillane's first start. He should have been treated with kid gloves, but WTH?

    Also in the first game against Pacific they had a big lead and Spillane was left in when he was struggling badly. Since it was the last game before a long finals break every pitcher except Brown was available for an inning or two, but he waited until they only had a 1- run lead and runners on to summon Brett Erwin, who is more effective this year than all the relievers. Brett could have given the team a 2- 3 inning save with no game that weekend, but instead was set up to fail.

    That said the bullpen did its job yesterday, and on Wed. Ouellette is looking like a better pitcher each time I see him. Unfortunately the bullpen as a whole has been so ineffective. It seems Vaughn has so little confidence in it he tries to squeeze as many outs as humanly possible out of his starters. That's not good for the starters or the rest of the team.
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