• Goags20172
    And they won it with pitching and a minimum of offense. Cooper Morrison added his first big fly. Hannah had six strong innings. Ouellette with his 3rd save.

    I am watching the game between Sac City College and Folsom Lake right now. City has really good hotdogs in their concession stand. I'm just saying, UCD...step it up ! The crowds are so small at these games you can hear almost everything in the dugout...which leads me to a bit of Aggie baseball history I've mentioned before.

    When I was a freshman there was one Saturday when there was a sign in the DC advertising the baseball game with rival Chico State. The Wildcats were a huge deal back then. Not so much now. The CCAA has more parity now.

    Anyway CSUCK was talking trash before the series, especially their big fat slugger. Some 200 students from Segundo showed up and relentlessly mocked the slugger with fat jokesand Aggie great Justin Reid, who made it to AAA with the Pirates and Dodgers, struck him out 4 times. This was back before hippies ruined baseball. You'd never see this now. UCD won 4- 0. This was the year the Aggies and Wildcats forfeited 3 games they played against each either because of a fight. They played two of those games anyway and UCD won,, but officially lost both. The Aggies finished 3 games out of first place. The incident started because the CSUC baserunner took offense to the hard tag Aggie catcher Nolan Sturgeon slapped on him after a great throw from the outfield. It hurt Chico too. They ended the regular season only tied for first.

    Three years later the benches cleared in a game against Sonoma State when a baserunner for the Cossacks (who hadn't changed their mascot to the Seawolves yet) appeared to cleat the second baseman intentionally. No penalties were given out.

    So why do I bring this up ? That fat slugger is now the coach at Folsom Lake. Still a loudmouth. He was jawing at a Sac City fan sitting on the opposite side of the stadium giving him grief for his whining at the umpire. Concentrate on the game, fool.

    Even a little kid was heckling him earlier.
  • Gunrock47
    No kidding! Neat piece of history
  • Goags20172
    It just seems random coincidences are things I like to notice. Another example would be how when I went to Salt Lake City last year UCD baseball alum Ty Kelly was in the lineup for the Las Vegas 51's (Mets) against the Salt Lake Bees (Angels). He had a terrible series at the plate. As rare as it is to see a UCD player in a pro game, let alone at the AAA level, it got even stranger. Last week I saw Kelly play against the River Cats- as a member of the Salt Lake Bees. The life of a minor league ballplayer...
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