• zythe
    What is the honest assessment of the board members of Chancellor May’s first two years?

    I feel like he has brought a calming presence to campus.
  • agalum
    I feel like he has brought a calming presence to campus.zythe

    I would agree with that. I also think he has been very supportive of athletics. It is common to see him at bball and football games. Not crazy about him using his position as Chancellor to support his political ideology (mainly through FB postings that I have seen). And when he was challenged the comments quietly disappeared.
  • zythe
    I didn’t know that.
  • BlueGoldAg
    I think he is doing a fantastic job overall both as an administrator and as a articulate, intelligent communicator. I hope he stays here for the long run.
  • 69aggie
    We are unbelievably lucky to have May as our Chancellor. He is doing a great job IMHO. I have heard that Janet Napolitano thinks he is her best Chancellors choice ever for the entire system. You have probably noted that when she speaks/testifies at the Capitol she most often has him at her side as well. Now that may be only a nod to his being the closest Chancellor to Sac, but I doubt it. He is very smart and charismatic and I hope we keep him. I have nor seen any stats, but a case could be made that he has had a major impact on our recent improved recruitment of excellent black athletes. Black presidents/chancellors of top US universities are (unfairly) rare to almost non existent. Chancellor Drake left UC Irvine for Ohio State and got a million dollar raise. So keep your fingers crossed it doesn’t happen to us. I have to add, however, that Provost Ralph Hexter is probably the guy best in the country at his job of actually hands on running a top university. And indirectly athletics. He got us Kevin Blue. Not too bad for a classic Greek scholar, no?
  • movielover
    What is his big push? Davis in Sac, Sac development?

    The town and campus will soon see a massive increase in student housing, a lot of that was already lined up.
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