• 69aggie
    Interesting interview with Faculty Rep Carroll reported today. Says there are active measures being taken to light up these venues. Not much detail except they are “working on it”. Pretty exceptional guy this Carroll fellow. Very smart guy for one of those notoriously dumb big lineman type guys. Sorry 72. Just kidding. . . ?
  • Oldbanduhalum
    I got to know Scott when I coached one of his kids in little league. Good guy and great family
  • FullertonBaseballFan
    UCSB just added lights to their ballpark over the summer.

    Northridge has funding in place to add lights to their ballpark, among other projects that will be taking place at the facility. Lights will probably be installed for 2021 and no later than for the 2022 season.

    For the new Big West members, the ballparks at Bakersfield and UCSD both have lights.
  • 69aggie
    No doubt this is why AD Blue is “on this” now. UCD cant afford to be the last one standing without lights.
  • Goags20172
    Softball really needs lights. They host a couple of tournaments every year, and it's ridiculous that they have to schedule games at 9 or 10 a.m for these. They get some rain + games get cancelled.

    Having lights would benefit the baseball student- athletes a lot more than the fans. They could have more flexibility with practice times and miss fewer classes. I've long felt the Aggies aren't getting enough fielding practice with the kinds and frequency of errors they're making. We know that UCD doesn't have the top athletes, but the ones they are recruiting are better (if we listen to what the coach says in press releases) than their predecessors. So why so many errors ? Many of the ones I've seen the infielder looks surprised + rushes past the ball, boots it, or delivers a hurried throw when their partner isn't in position to catch it cleanly. The infielders don't have the kind of synergy recent men's + women's basketball teams have enjoyed where players just know where to be + their teammates just know they'll be there. That speaks to a lack of preparedness, not a lack of talent. And how do you prepare ? Practice and more practice. How does Sac State field so well when they also don't have the top athletes + fastest runners (and I'd argue their hitting seams weaker than UCD's when the 2 teams aren't playing each other). They practice, even at night with Christmas music in the background.

    If you see any attendance increase from the lights it will be from players' parents, particularly the visiting ones. Instead of missing the Friday afternoon game when they travel they can catch it. Dobbins Stadium's location on the campus really discourages walk up traffic from townies (same w/Sac State). As to the students night games conflict with their studies + moronic social media activities.

    If they do get lights they should only do Friday + mid- week games at night. CAL plays night games on Saturdays, and that's not the best thing for families going to church Sunday mornings.
  • movielover
    They've been trying to fund lights for how many years?
  • Goags20172
    Since before I was a student. I remember something about Phil Swimley wanting to make some additions to Community Stadium in order to someday lure a minor league baseball team. Not a crazy idea at all. Chico State's ballpark used to host a pretty succesful minor league team. It still has a summer wood bat team
  • movielover
    I was told the stadium would have been nicer had it been built quicker, that campus gender equity politics halted construction ... the family finally threatened to take the donation back if it wasn't built, but by then inflation in construction required scaling back plans.
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