• FCS Playoff Bracketology Week 7
    Also......In browsing for "playoffs?!" on YouTube....ran across Mike Leach's "fat little girlfriends" rant. Totally forgot about that one. Made me lol.

    I digress.....
    Blow-out victory and we drop a spot in the Coaches Poll to #22.....
  • Week 6: UC Davis @ North Dakota
    We're one interception away from 3-3 and still in the playoff hunt. Interceptions and penalties have hurt us badly, we could be 4-2.movielover

    I am just going to be honest here and say we are waaaay closer to being 1-5 than 3-3.
    A brutal schedule and losing the best WR in school history have been difficult to overcome thus far.

    I am confident that a great and experienced coach like Hawkins will turn this season into a positive one. The bottom line is the trajectory of the program is headed in the right direction.
  • Week 6: UC Davis @ North Dakota
    Program is in fantastic shape. Year 3 of a complete re-build. New facilities coming. Talent level rising.

    Hawkins has only been the HC for 30 games. I'm sure he isn't panicking, and neither should Aggie fans.
  • Week 6: UC Davis @ North Dakota
    Doss and Moe loss is no big deal.Riveraggie

    I beg to differ. Doss was good for AT LEAST two victories last season.
    The loss of this dynamic playmaker is painfully apparent this season.
  • Montana Game
    Going to have to hustle to make the playoffs with a tough schedule remaining.
  • Montana Game
    Crowd energy is huge. It’s why almost nobody wins at NDSU and Montana. It matters.
  • Montana Game
    Harrel played, but hurt his lower half in the 1st. Not sure if he came back.
  • Montana Game
    Gonna tell you what....
    That was the most pathetic student section I have ever witnessed. The team was fired up to finally play a game with students in town and stuffed in the east stands. They showed up but were silent. All they did was shake those dumb bells. I felt like I was at a school for the deaf game.

    This absolute letdown in student support sucked the life out of the team AND the fans. It was painfully obvious the team was let down- zero passion, zero urgency. Never been so unhappy at a football game.

    That being said, on to the next. This team plays better on the road.
  • Week 4: UC Davis @ North Dakota State
    FG team was NAILS. Great to see them making bombs.
  • Montana Game
    After NDSU, I'm looking for an even more confident team.....beginning to expect to win by a healthy margin against TOP teams. Nothing less.

    What a difference 2 seasons makes.
  • Week 4: UC Davis @ North Dakota State
    School starts Wednesday. Pack the student section.
  • Week 4: UC Davis @ North Dakota State
    Aggies are right in this thing. Get out ahead early like at Cal, and who knows.....
  • NDSU
    I just can't with NDSU yet.......just too early. Its too much.


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