• Sac’s Thomson to transfer?
    Thomson commits to University of Washington and is likely a 1 year starter. The other QBs on the Huskies roster are freshmen and sophomores.
  • Sac’s Thomson to transfer?
    That's a big loss of Sac. With Sac and Davis losing starting QBs and Poly with a whole new system it seems all the California teams are up in the air.
  • 2021 Football Recruiting
    TE JP Murphy commits to San Diego State
  • 2021 Football Recruiting
    It's been awhile, but the list has been updated.
  • Scary News if Real
    Yeah, I'm pretty much 0% surprised. Kevin Blue is a hot commodity as an AD. He's young, has big visions, and is incredibly ambitious. I think him staying at Davis for the long term is very very unlikely as much as I would like him to stay.
  • Football in the spring?
    Guys... I don't think anyone from one side of this debate is going to convince someone from other other side to change their opinion. Everyone seems pretty entrenched on this.
  • 2021 Football Recruiting
    Haha! Not the most conventional, but I would take it!
  • 2021 Football Recruiting
    Tough to tell this early in the process. We went pretty light on DB last cycle though.
  • 2021 Football Recruiting
    Doing my best out there!
  • 2021 Football Recruiting
    Very true. I find it interesting we're going after tight ends early again even after signing a ton of them this last recruiting cycle.
  • 2021 Football Recruiting
    Just dropped a HUGE recruiting update for y'all. The coaches are still busy even during the shutdown.
  • Update today from Dr. Blue
    Precisely, we're not even remotely in the clear on this thing. We should not be planning ANY large events for the foreseeable future at this point. I miss sports as much as the next guy here, but the well-being of this country is more important than a basketball tournament at the end of the day.
  • 2021 Football Recruiting
    3 new offers!

    and 2 brothers from Utah?!

  • 2020 Men's Basketball Big West Tournament
    I work in the health industry. There's a lot to be concerned about. We still don't know a lot about this virus in general and if we don't stay on top of it will get bad.
  • 2020 Recruiting List
    Arkansas Pine Bluff I believe
  • 2020 Recruiting List
    We've signed another transfer!

    DL Drew Schasa is coming to Davis. Everyone look at the SIZE we've added on the DL.
  • USC cancels 2021 game with UC Davis
    This is an absolute win for the Aggies. Huge pay check and chance to schedule a more winnable game. No complaints from me.
  • EWU faculty report critical of football program and athletic department budget.
    It's far worse than Boise. Not only is the red horrible to look at for any extended period of time, it's also a cheap knock off. I dislike when teams try to take another school's schtick. For example, I think it was University of Miami who first had a "turnover chain" and then a bunch of other school jumped on that trend. Come up with something unique.
  • The Aggies in 2020 - A Look Ahead & Offseason Talk
    I don't think youth and inexperience is always necessarily bad. He could bring new and fresh takes on how to run the defense. Clearly Hawk saw something in him or he wouldn't have hired him for the job.
  • 2020 Recruiting List
    HERO Sports ranks Davis' 2020 recruiting class 18th best in FCS

    Ambagtsheer (#15), Rumary (#84), and Gale (#171) make HERO Sports top 300 FCS recruits

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