• No men's basketball end of season "banquet"?
    Maybe Zythe has something else in mind but I'm assuming it's the possibility that football will eventually end up in the Mountain West. If so, I'm not sure how the other sports staying in the BWC would work -- I always though Hawaii was only in the BWC because their travel situation is uniquely unworkable for anywhere else. NCAA might want us to keep as many revenue sports in the same conference as possible
  • WBB Signs High Scoring 6'5 Center
    Unreal. UCD seems to be on the fast track to becoming the Zaga of women's basketball. I really hope we don't lose Coach Gross soon.
  • Long Beach St Sharks - new mascot
    I don't flat out hate the double font, but it looks like something under construction, just waiting for a graphic artist, or some university committee, to decide what to do to complete the block "Davis." Why not just continue the UC letters in the same font. (It would be copying the UCSB logo above, but you could ag-ify it by adding a stem of wheat underneath it, like the current Milwaukee Brewers logo.)

    I am neutral on the "invader" font. Looks like someone took a nail clipper to the upper left corners of most of the letters.

    I like the lemon, or comet, or Cleveland Indigenous Persons "CA."

    I don't have a problem with the horsehead logo that the University launched with such hooplah a few years ago other than it is too busy. As Dr. Mike noted, it does not shrink well. Too much going on to put on shirt sleeves or ball caps.

    These pretty much echo my sentiments, aside from that I'm even more lukewarm rather than negative on the double font logo. It's boring, but I think that's why they like it; very adaptable for signage and as part of department logos. I think anything with script or italics would look pretty out of place in some of the mundane situations in which the double font wordmark is currently used.

    I like the horsehead, but I totally agree that it's just not feasible when it's small or from a distance. The lemon serves that purpose well enough.
  • Enterprise Article: New Student-Athlete Practice Field and Performance Center
    I assumed student-athlete tutoring would be there, but actually I'm not sure how convenient that is compared to having it on campus or closer to the first-year housing.

    I'm unconvinced at how many team offices would go in there. Team space took up two and a half floors at the somewhat comparable SDSU athletics center if I remember right -- that's a lot of real estate. Seems to me that football and lacross make a lot of sense at that location -- baseball, softball, and field hockey probably as well -- but I can't see how it would really add value to any of the sports that play on different parts of campus, aside from being close to the weights.
  • Keelan Doss draft hype
    A Colorado State WR too, just now.

    I'm thinking AggieFinn is right, we were delusional. You can be one of the most productive receivers in all of D1 with no obvious down sides but it doesn't mean anything if you're not in FBS, apparently.

    In fairness to us though, I can't remember any projections that had him undrafted. It's not like we were ignoring evidence in front of us.
  • The Classic CA Logo is Officially Here to Stay
    Relatedly, is the horseshoe logo not an official university logo anymore? It's completely absent from the style guide:
  • 2018-19 Causeway Cup
    Didn't realize Sac also had a beach volleyball team. Great to have the rivalry (and presumably, dominance) extend to more sports!
  • WBB NCAA Tournament
    Maybe the whole game will be on ESPN3? In fact, I imagine it will, seeing as ESPN will already have to have camera crews and everything
  • WBB NCAA Tournament
    Called and apparently they did in fact sell out. I learned I have a friend going to the game sitting in general admission anyway, so it's not a concern.

    Hopefully this means there's a big Aggie contingent!
  • WBB NCAA Tournament
    So... just get a blank page when I click on the ticket link on the aggies website.

    Does anyone know if they sold out? Or am I encountering the usual problems?
  • WBB NCAA Tournament
    Urgh on the surface, this is the best 2-seed we could face. Experience against them, very close by, not an intimidating fan base, etc.

    It's just terrible because it's unexciting and because it's crazy for us to even get the 15-seed
  • MBB Big West Conference Tounament March 14-16
    I'm seeing CSUN at Utah Valley?

    Utah State is in the NCAA tournament
  • MBB Big West Conference Tounament March 14-16
    This is very doable for a UCI team that has tons of momentum. KSU fans should be worried right now
  • WBB Big West Conference Tournament March 12-16
    My jaw dropped at the heights of the OSU players. Our shooters could probably still make life difficult for them, but dang, I never thought I'd see a team that had 5" on Morgan
  • WBB Big West Conference Tournament March 12-16
    Search for it on ; it should be available for replay
  • MBB Big West Conference Tounament March 14-16
    Up over 30 as of this comment. Wow. That's all I can say.
  • WBB Big West Conference Tournament March 12-16
    My understanding is that's impossible barring a ridiculously good seed -- like 4-seed good.
  • MBB Big West Conference Tounament March 14-16
    I haven't been keeping up super closely but apparently there's been a swath of upsets in conference tournaments. The field should be bottom-heavy which bodes well for Irvine getting a decent seed if they get things done tonight.
  • WBB Big West Conference Tournament March 12-16
    The ESPN commentators would tell you that it was just a matter of stepping up the intensity. They argued that there wasn't much technically wrong with what the Ags were doing; they just weren't playing with enough energy to challenge Hawaii.

    Also, it looked to me that shots just started dropping for the Ags, while they also were reducing the amount of easy looks for Hawaii's shooters. I don't think that explains all of it though
  • WBB Big West Conference Tournament March 12-16
    As an SDSU guy, I did the opposite. Congrats to USU though, they looked really good out there