• Goags20172
    Well for the Big West homers who thought UCD would go 0 for the conference season I have some bad news...

    Of course putting that in perspective it was also the first win against a team that wasn't a potential WAC cellar dweller and the first in over 3 weeks, but we'll take it.

    Solid pitching. Seven strong from Erwin followed by 2 1- 2- 3 innings from Ouellette. Best outing by Ouellette so far. Very encouraging.

    Balaced hitting, including a 3- run HR from Denholm. No one on the team is really a big power threat, but I think the team is spreading out the power well to make up for the departures of Anderson and Hooper. Even Longrie has gone yard and he rarely gets to play.

    I get the idea the coach was a little nervous in the 9th, even with an eight run lead, due to the two huge meltdowns against UVS and UOP. They hold on in those games instead and UCD is .500. Normally the late innings of blow- out games are the time to use your reserves and less- frequently summoned relievers. Not today. Only Arenado was subbed in + that's because they hit for Jalen Smith in the 8th.

    Interesting wrinkle tomorrow. Jake Spillane is starting instead of Hannah, who pitched Tuesday. Had thought they'd move Brown up a day, but they're going in this direction instead. Hopefully the coach learned from the two meltdown games, which were both games Spillane started and was left in too long. I'll probably go.
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