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    Apparently "The John" is a house of horrors for Aggie teams in general, not just UC Davis.

    Last night New Mexico State found that out. They are apparently leading the nation in hitting, as they have at least three starters batting .350 or better (one was at an insane .451 before the game.) And they've hit 65 homeruns, more than triple what Sac State or UCD has.

    They had 11 hits, but all were singles, and they didn't come close to a homerun with any fly ball that remained in fair territory.

    Still the Aggies were leading 3- 0 going into the ninth inning, and had allowed just three singles. But then the curse got them. With one out and a man on first Christiansen went to the bench for basically his reserve reserve first baseman, who was hitting a robust .115. I don't think it's mean to point out his last hit was likely against UCD on 3/12.

    He singled, putting runners at the corners. The next guy up hit an RBI single. The 7th place hitter walked to load the bases, but the pinch hitter for the 8th place guy flew out. That left it up to the #9 hitter. They had only one position player left on the bench, and he has 0 hits in his collegiate, so he (with a .220ish average) to be the guy.

    He worked the count 3- 2 and then hit a line drive down the first baseline that was barely fair. It rolled all the way to the wall. The bases emptied and Sac State won 4- 3.

    Don't think for a minute UCD hasn't been on the reciving end of a lot of these types of games in Sacramento. The NMSU coach should call Vaughn for sympathy. Having coached under Swimley and Peters before 2012 he's seen a lot of these games.

    This one kind of reminded me of the game in 2005 where the Aggies built a good lead, but one miscue by the starting pitcher lead to a fierce hornet rally. Then John Smith brought in relief pitcher Mick Joyce to pinch hit (wasn't a very good hitter), and he hit the game- winning double off of Aggie relief great Justin Fitzgerald (made it to AAA with the Giants). That loss prevented UCD from going 5- 0 against Sac State that year. That season series included tournaments in Sacramento and Hawaii (Aggies beat the 'Bows too in HI, but unfortunately no one else).

    To be accurate Fitzgerald was only a freshman, and he wasn't that great yet.
  • Goags20172
    Oops ! My memory failed me there. Doubting the accuracy of that story I pulled the box score online. While Fitzgerald did get the loss, and those were his runs that game- winning double was surrendered by Nik Aurora.

    Sorry, Justin ! I'm getting old.
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