• Goags20172
    The Aggies stole a win from the Titans, scoring a run in the 8th and ninth innings.

    Ironically, every Aggie starter had at least one hit except for the designated hitter. Denholm was the only UCD player with multiple hits. He added an RBI, as did Gedestad (double) and Kelly (homerun)

    Excellent relief work. Hannah, Wieser, and Ouellette held the Titans scoreless for 4 2/3 innings on 4 hits and a walk. Ouellette picked up his first win. As FBF stated CSU Fullerton is down this year, but a win is win.

    With 8 conference wins the Aggies have exceeded my expectations, albeit not for total wins yet. If you'd told me before the season they'd go 5- 1 against CSUF and LBSU I'd have said you were crazy.

    Still they have to face to Northridge, a potential buzzsaw at UCI, and a really tough assignment in Utah. Not only are the Utes a PAC- 12 team, but their ballpark is extremely hitter- friendly. UCD's success lately has come when their pitching has kept the score down. This isn't a team that can really win a homerun derby.
  • FullertonBaseballFan
    Congrats to the Aggies. This could have easily been a sweep with better relief pitching yesterday after UC Davis got out to an 7-3 lead.

    Northridge should be a series win for you guys up there because you play well at home and Northridge is awful on the road. Irvine will be very tough down here and they need to win every game they can to keep their RPI up to get into a regional. Utah is a hitters park so they will probably win that series playing at home but with that being the last series of the season for both teams, who knows.

    Fullerton was 38-4 against UC Davis going into the series, with ten sweeps and four 2-1 series wins. That is one of many streaks that will be ending for Fullerton this year. 44 straight winning records, 44 straight years with 30+ wins, 27 straight years playing in a regional. Stellar job by the Fullerton coaching staff this year (sarcasm).
  • Goags20172
    UCD would likely have swept Northridge when they visited 2 years ago had it not been for a boneheaded call from the umpires. First they botched the 3rd out call, allowing UCD to run off the field. Then they let the Northridge coach change their minds + the Matador baserunner scored all the way from first without a throw because the umpires deceived UCD into thinking the inning was over + not calling time when they were getting everything re- set. What are you going to do ? You get the 3rd out . Do you have to stand around just to make sure + get yelled at by your coach for not hustling. Idiotic call.

    Utah is having a poor season, but then again they do play in the PAC- 12. One thing Utah does is drastically inflate their gameday attendance figures. When I went last year there were maybe 250 (more visiting fans). They said officially it was over 2,000. I'm pretty sure they count all their season ticket holders even when they're not there. Season tickets are really cheap, so it's not difficult to see that happening.
  • Gunrock47
    Inflated #s seems to be common practice among PAC-12 programs. Stanford vs UCD football game earlier this year was extremely inaccurate as well. I wonder if they get any sort of kickback from the NCAA for those numbers? Or if it helps for hosting events...etc
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