• Goags20172
    Going to cut back instead. One of the worst things you can do is go post on the internet when you're angry...or on Ambien. Sorry to snowflake on you fine folks..I usually strive not be like an emo kid.
  • 69aggie
    I remember when we had the “Super Fan” probably 15-20 years ago. He was a big guy and would sit wearing his Michigan “M” hat behind the visitors dugout and lob all kinds of insults and negative stuff at the opposing team and the umpires. Then he was gone. I think he was an accountant. He just went away. He was obnoxious but very funny and he was a big Aggie fan! Anyone know where he went?
    Anyway, GoAgs, he was here way before you and he took all kinds of S**t from the fans and the umpires, but he never let it get to him like it has apparently got to you.. you know everything is not personal.
  • BlueGoldAg
    Goags, I can understand your frustration and disappointment with the lack of fan support for Aggie baseball compared to some of the other Aggie sports. I've always been impressed with your apparent passion for Aggie baseball and your extensive knowledge of Aggie baseball. I hope Aggie baseball will continue to improve like many of our D1 programs are doing under the current administration of Kevin Blue. I think that will happen and, with more success, more fans will show up and support the Ags. Anyway, if you are definitely gone for good, thanks for your knowledgeable contributions here on our forum while you were here.
  • 72Aggie
    We also had that guy from Washington, D.C. [Robin Ficker] who sat behind the Wizards' (perhaps the Bullets at the time) bench and unloaded insult after insult. Made national news. His son wrestled for Davis. [Flynn Ficker, HW, early 2000s] He flew out from D.C. to watch UCD wrestling!! I went to one wrestling match, against Iowa.....He blurted out something about "Let's see some of that Iowa corn!" Kind of ironic from a fan of a team called the Aggies.

    Goags 20172...sorry to see you go. I enjoyed your insight and obvious love of the game, at least as displayed on this website.
  • 69aggie
    Sac’s baseball program is going great. Multi 30 win seasons; this year 40. Regionals winner. A vastly better program than we have going now. Time for AD Blue to pick up Aggie baseball with some facilities and program improvements. We have done WSB And WFH improvements which is a great accomplishment, but we need Aggie baseball to rise up. We used to be a great BB school, now not so. Much. Why?
  • DrMike
    Not to knock their success too much, but being in the WAC for baseball helps their record quite a bit. Looking at their schedule, I’d have to think we’d fare similarly, but they have beaten us head to head pretty regularly

    Their roster is interesting. Lots of NorCal kids. 6 from Canada. One from Dubai.
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