• movielover
    Some new faces emerged against the Bears.

    Player -------> Solo, Total Tackles
    Devon King - Soph, 3, 6
    Nick Eaton (LB) - RFrosh, 3, 6
    Jon Amadi - Soph, 4, 5
    Chris Venable - RFrosh, 4,4
    DaVon Frazier (LB) - RFrosh, 2, 2
    Perryman - Soph, 2, 2
    Luka Nixon - Soph, 1, 1
    Jack Shippy - RFrosh, Fumble Recovery

    Brett Thorpe (TE) - true Freshman - also had a pass attempt in the first half. WR / true Frosh Orlando Ornelas also got some PT, as did our 6'9" Junior OLineman.
  • SoCalAggie
    King is a stud.
  • smarterray
    Devon King and I share the same alma mater, De Anza High School, in Richmond. Not well known for a lot, except for it's in Richmond. According to his bio, in high school he was honor roll at the same time as being a letter winner. You can see he uses both smarts and athletic talents when he plays on the field. That's the Aggie Way. Very proud of him and glad he can represent my hometown and now my undergrad as well.
  • DavisAggie
    His pick last year at Montana was textbook deke
  • movielover
    They rise up again.

    Amadi 8 tackles.
    King 7.
    Eaton 5.
    Venable 4.
    Perryman 3.

    New JC transfer Scharetg with 4 and our lone sack. Transfer Cole Hansen also with 3 tackles. (Both linebackers.)
  • movielover
    Young Defensive players contributing, big time.

    Tackles - Season

    1. Conner Airey - 30, Jr
    2. Devon King - 28, SOPH
    3. Chris Venable - 25, RED FROSH
    3. Eric Flowers - 25, Sr
    5. Nick Eaton - 21, RED FROSH - 3.5 Sacks
    7. Jon Amadi - 16, SOPH
    9. Jordan Perryman - 16, SOPH
    14. Da'Von Frazer - 9, RED FROSH
    20. Calvin Mouisett - 5, TRUE FROSH - played 3 games ...
  • SoCalAggie
    Devon king is legit. If he had more size, he could play at the next level. Dude is really talented.
  • movielover
    Is it my imagination, or do we possibly have some STELLAR youngsters coming along? My 2 cents ...

    Jake Parks - OL who started it off, starting as a true Frosh.
    OL - RFrosh Jordan Ford
    Lance Babbs - WR 3 TDs in one game, PTP keeping on his feet with a turf forearm. Already #2 on the team near 500 yards receiving in late-season yardage.
    Orlando Ornelas - WR
    Blake Thorpe - physical true Frosh tight end.
    Soph Gilliam at RB, along with Crawford & Kraft (WRs).

    Nick Eaton - RFrosh with 2 POTW awards. 54 tackles, 6.5 sacks.
    RFrosh Chris Venable, 36 tackles.
    True Frosh DB Calvin Mouisett, possibly redshirting, along with Sequoia Magdalena (6'3" DB).
    Cam Trimble, LB, out w an injury.
    RFrosh J Suani holding down the difficult NG position.
    Cade Peacock DE, redshirting, yeomans work last year.
    White, Knox, Perryman and King at DB.
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