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    Made it to a double- header at Chico State over the weekend. Fun trip- one I wouldn't have made as a student (because of the D- II era rivalry). Parts of Chico remind me a lot of Davis. The games also reminded me a lot of UCD games back in the day.

    Nettleton Stadium is like a slightly nicer version of Dobbins. It has lights, a larger capacity, and multiple concession stands with cheap food. The seating areas behind home plate could use a new paintjob.

    Some interesting features:

    The seating is all chairback bleachers, except for two rows of strangely- located box seats along the third baseline. There's a left field bleacher area where no one likes to sit apparently.

    The bleachers have cupholders (never saw that before) and these strange partions that divide them. My friend theorized they were there to tell her she was too fat to sit there. I believe they were relics of the years when the minor league Chico Heat used to play there and they put a premium on butt- space to maximize ticket revenue. They do treat it like a minor league game- there's a nice big media guide you can buy for five bucks. It had full bios of the players and shows the team's records against every team from 1994- 2019. UCD holds a 38- 35 edge, but the wildcats have some ownage on Sac State- they haven't played in about 20 years

    Some railroad tracks run behind the outfield fences. At least 7 trains must have passed during the games, all freight trains.

    They were playing the Fresno Pacific Sunbirds and beat them 21- 11 and 2- 1. Most of FPU's fans were friends or family of the players, but most of the home fans were townies. I think I know why. Chico State's roster is made up entirely of junior college transfers, whereas Fresno Pacific is a private school. I guess when your kid is on his second or third different college it kind of makes it difficult to make it out, especially if you have multiple kids. Chico's not exactly centrally located. The townies are really into the game. Very few students. UCD is pretty much the opposite- mostly player families and very few townies.

    Oh, and something funny. I was following the Google walking directions to Nettleton + saw some stadium lights. Thought it was the ballpark, but then I saw- field goal posts ? WTF ? Chico State doesn't have a football team ! Walked around and saw Chico High on the scoreboard. Was I lost ? No, Google told me to cross the street and walk a couple blocks, where I found Nettleton. So I never left CSUC. What I think happened is that when CSUC ditched its football program in the 1990's they let Chico High use their stadium full time. Sounds reasonable, anyway.7ra848nna2sq4c8d.jpg
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