• OldAggie
    Those young assistants Gould hired are doing pretty well. Bert Watts is the DC at Fresno State, and had a top 10 defense on a 12 win team that beat two Pac 12 teams, won their conference, and a bowl. Daft is having success at Dartmouth. It's pretty clear Gould was not the right hire, and he was the problem.
  • Siouxfan
    The NCAA allows a school to pay 1/3 the price for tickets if don’t meet the 15k threshold for FBS. E Mich has not met the 15k threshold for years. Mostly, the NCAA just makes a school meet 15k in the second year of transition to FBS.

    But Slac St can meet that requirement. UCDavis can’t until they build out the stadium, which was always the plan.
  • Siouxfan
    Montana, Montana St, UCDavis and Slac St have no patience with coaches lately if they don’t win, and there’s a good reason for that. They need a winning FCS team as they prepare for FBS silently.
  • NCagalum
    Coaching as Sac State is, by definition, a career killer. Sort of like one of Newton’s laws.
  • SochorField
    Sac is closer to dropping football than they are to moving to the FBS
  • 69aggie
    Souixfan have you ever walked up into the Sac State football field stands? Not FBS in any ones imagination. Really a death trap; built of very shaky and old bleachers. Downright scary! But your ideas are interesting so stay on point. . .
  • movielover
    I sat in those bleachers up at the top, not quite confidence building. And they were maybe 35% full?
  • fugawe09
    I remember being at a causeway game where one of the stairways collapsed and someone fell a couple stories. The guy spent months in a body cast. I think he was actually a lawyer so I’m sure he got paid. Those kind of erector set bleachers are usually for short term event use, not to be left for 25+ years
  • DrMike
    I thought they put up those bleachers for the ‘canadian’ football team they had (gold miners?). They were there in the early 90’s!
  • Russ Bowlus
    ^^ Yup. IIRC, there were end-zone stands, too, but they took those out once the Goldminers left/folded.
  • 72Aggie
    Thanks to some google and a little bit of my aging memory...the stands at Hornet Field were expanded in '91(??) for the Sacramento Surge of the World League of American Football. As I recall they were purchased from the Rose Bowl committee, or whoever provided seating for the Tournament of Roses Parade. In '93 (again ???) the end zone seats were removed to accomodate the longer field needed for Canadian Football League and the Sacramento Gold Miners. The whole CFL experiment with teams in the US folded in about '95. And there was a collapse of a section of the bleachers during a Causeway game, resulting in some serious injury to an Aggie fan who was an attorney.
  • fugawe09
    probably the same article mentioned the stadium was built in only 10 weeks and was intended to be temporary while Anderson was working a deal for a football stadium adjacent to Arco Arena and the never-finished baseball stadium.
  • Zander
    Huh today I learned the CFL once had teams in the US
  • AggieFinn

    Fell two stories? Wow, that's scary
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