• Week 2: UC Davis (0-1) @ South Dakota State (0-1)
    As of right now daytime only showers possible in Brookings with a clear night. Likely a beautiful fall night, with mid 60s temps at kickoff dropping into the mid 50s by the end of the game.

    But as we say up here, if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes.
  • Week 2: UC Davis (0-1) @ South Dakota State (0-1)
    Nor sure if either team has hit any decline. I’d say both are improved, experienced, rested(off season). I expect a Jacks win. But close most of the game. Unless one team becomes one dimensional due to the other teams D, then it could get ugly.
  • Week 2: UC Davis (0-1) @ South Dakota State (0-1)
    Jacks fan returning again…evening game in Brookings and the weather looks to be fair, in the 60s dropping as the sun sets.

    Jacks more so shot themselves in the foot at Iowa. Big question is health. I expect our #1 TE(Kraft) to be out. Fortunately for us #2(Heins) is also very good and getting draft buzz as well. The offense will be coming into this game with a big chip on their shoulder. Everyone has this Offense as the most loaded they’ve ever been and honestly they spit the bit.

    The Defense on the other hand was outstanding and looking to prove that they are not just a one hit wonder.

    Special teams had a shaky start but settled in well and finished admirably.

    If any fans make the trek to Brookings pm me and I’ll give some recommendations on what else the area has to offer.

    Search both Jackrabbit Illustrated and Matt Zimmer on Twitter

    Facebook, Jackrabbit Illustrated will run a podcast tonight, 9/5 at 6pm pacific time if any are interested.
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    Regarding attendance in Brookings. The Jacks averaged just under 15k/game for the 6 home games. The trouble with a holiday weekend is many fans travel and the students(which could’ve added 3k) are all out of town. I’d have to believe if the Jackrabbits were hosting this weekend it’d be in the 12-13k range.

    Brookings as a community is around 23k, about an hour from Sioux Falls(200k). The attendance was a little low but considering the blustery conditions not far off.
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    Best of luck in the off season Aggies, hope some of you decide to make the trek to Brookings next season. Likely be 16k+ for our opener and tailgate should be awesome. Plus it’s a night game.
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    It’s about as beautiful a day as late November SD weather gets…minus the wind.
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State

    Yup, headquarters are in Brookings…Daktronics was founded by 2 SDSU engineering professors.
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    The stadium really is something special. The large videoboard sits on the south end, large suites/press box and seats on the west and a multipurpose indoor athletic complex on the north.
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    Add to that wind that it is out of the NW likely means windchill could become a factor. Likely 45 degrees feeling like 35 degrees. Plus the Aggie sideline is setup to deal with the full brunt of of it all game.
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    Weather update for tomorrow…looks to be mostly sunny and mid 40s throughout the game…the difference is in the forecasted wind. It’s looking like a NW wind ranging from 15-20mph. This can cause a swirling effect in the stadium that sits north/south in orientation. Could make passing somewhat difficult and the kicking game a surprise.

    Safe travels to any coming to the game and to the Aggie team.
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    I think a lot of us SDSU fans were hoping for a blizzard game.

    We’ve yet to play one in Brookings but in 2014 we travelled to Bozeman to play in one. Best FB road trip ever.

    We’ve played plenty of regular season blizzard games though.
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    Weather for Brookings on Saturday looks to be mostly sunny, high of 46. That high is probably right at the start of the game. With any luck there won’t be any wind or if there is it’ll be out of the west. We’ve had some particularly windy(35-45 mph) days in the last few weeks. Thankfully not on a Gameday.
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State is our fan site

    We also have a very good fan run blog with podcasts as well as Jackrabbit illustrated. Search that online, Twitter (@Jackillustrated) and Facebook. They will likely have some great content as well as some stuff Facebook live and podcasts.

    Also great content by Matt Zimmer @argusmattz on Twitter from the Sioux Falls Argus Leader
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    Isaiah Jackson(Aggie LB coach) played for the Jacks back in the late 2000s. He will remember the cruddy stadium we used to have. Now everything is relatively new and shiny.
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    My bias will show but I think the Jacks are very good. Sometimes they get in their own way. Hail Mary and an Overtime missed 2pt conversion away from 10-1…the UNI loss wasn’t a bad loss, 9pts but they were just off all game. If they play like they did against CO St and NDSU it could be a long day for the Aggies…if they come out off anything is possible.
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    Jackrabbit fan here, looking forward to the matchup this next Saturday. Anyone coming to Brookings I’d be happy to share any information you’d like about the community.


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