• Winter Practice Schedule
    The UC Davis football X account has a video of a pass completion thrown by #11. #11 last year belonged to Mitchell Dixon. I don’t know if he is wearing the number, but it might mean he has switched back from TE.
  • Winter Practice Schedule
    He was most recently the OC at Willamette. He has a QB technique video on the internet. He is likely who is the acting QB coach now.
    The tight end coach Taylor Chapatte, and the running back coach have also been QB coaches elsewhere. Taylor Chapatte coached QBs at University of San Diego, Kevin Burke at D3 Mount Union.
  • Winter Practice Schedule
    If you sit in on the QB room meetings report who the coach is. i think Plough will be spread thin if he is the head coach, OC and QB coach. That would be a good question over coffee.
  • 2024 Football Recruiting

    Yes it is hard but they pretend to do it.
    If missing players was the extent of their failure it is excusable, but once they have players in their database, the minimum they should do is match the signees to schools and they didn’t do that.
  • 2024 Football Recruiting
    247 Sports is so bad at rating these players, they should stop trying.
    Example: Kyle Hill is listed on their site as 6’4” 180lb. No stars. Offered by Fresno State and San Jose State. He weighs 215 or 220 on other sources which is consistent with the offers he had. Missed his entire junior season, so that probably comtributes to 247 not rating him hightly.
  • 2024 Football Recruiting
    They purport to rank every player with a numerical score.
    They have some of our signees scored but not credited to Davis.
    They are still adding people.

    They think Jalen Harris is the top recruit ever, even better than a safety we had who never saw playing time.
  • 2024 Football Recruiting

    Luca and Grant are listed as outside linebackers. Cloyd’s status I don’t know. He was said to be a junior last year.
  • 2024 Football Recruiting
    Porter Connors is a stud. Cloyd is a veteran. Luca Sarac has started at the Rush position when they don’t start five DBs. Grant Garretson Is a JC transfer from last year who is a senior and is big. There will be some lower classman who hasn’t played much that will get a chance. They likely won’t be as tough to run up the middle against as last year, and we also lost two big nose guards.
  • 2024 Football Recruiting

    With Kennedy, 2024 defense will have a two 6 year and a 5 year player as returning starters on the line. Toki started three games,.That is probably the most veteran defensive line in school history.
    All the starting linebackers graduated, Eaton, Tattersall, Buchanan, and frequently used Frazier and Mouiset. That is a lot to lose at one level of the defense. They return Cloyd and Porter Connors.
    The defensive secondary starters all return.
    They will need some contributors from the new recruits, particularly at linebacker.
    They are going to be a smaller defense.
  • 2024 Football Recruiting
    Very shifty though. His twitter page says
    “ 208LB 4.5 (40) going to shock lots of people this year !”
  • 2024 Football Recruiting
    The Davis Enterprise described Carter Vargas’s weight at 160, which is 40lbs under his weight on recruiting sites, or his signing day weight on UCD. While he is definitely elusive he isn’t small.
  • Tim Plough Named New UC Davis Head Football Coach
    Ask about the QB coach too, whether Plough plans to coach the QBs.
    Just seems like being a position coach as well as OC and HC is too much.
  • 2024 Football Recruiting
    Eight guys had FBS offers, and according to CA Forevers list, we lost very few to FCS teams, only two to league rivals. A very successful recruiting effort. Nicely spread over all positions except tight end.
  • 2024 Football Recruiting
    I think Jalen Harris will be more of a CJ Hutton role. If you look down the road a year we lose Larison, Tompkins, and Hutton. Even Perez is listed as a junior in 2023 but thats is not his eligibility status.
  • 2024 Football Recruiting

    Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Hometown Previous School / High School
    Stacy Dobbins WR 5-8 155 Temecula, CA St. John Bosco HS
    Jalen Harris RB 6-0 170 Berkeley, CA Berkeley HS
    Tyson McWilliams CB 6-2 190 San Diego, CA St. Augustine HS / Cal
    Caden Pinnick QB 6-0 180 Loomis, CA Del Oro HS
    David Porotesano OL 6-5 280 Oceanside, CA Oceanside HS
    Carter Vargas RB 6-0 200 Santa Maria, CA St. Joseph HS
  • Transfer Portal 2024
    Former players are invited. The board lists players that apparently have no remaining eligibility. Like Amone, Verner and Povey. If they come back somehow that would be great.
    What happened to Noa Matsui? he seems to have been injured for 2 years.
  • Tim Plough Named New UC Davis Head Football Coach
    We will see. Plough was clear in the interview that he had someone lined up.
    The associate head coach moved on, they let the QB coach go, they have a bunch of young QBs to develop, and they have new young coaches to get oriented. Seems they at least need a QB coach if not an offensive coordinator. On the other hand, they do have guys on staff coaching other positions who’ve coached QBs elsewhere. When is Spring practice?
  • Tim Plough Named New UC Davis Head Football Coach
    Plough doing offensive coordinator, QB coach and head coach seems a little too much for a first year HC.
  • Tim Plough Named New UC Davis Head Football Coach
    During Plough’s local TV interview on the day of his introductory press conference he said they had an offensive coordinator “in place” that he couldn’t name who had aggie ties. Now this article says the staff is complete.


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