• ESPN Failure
    I assumed there was a technical glitch going on because the ticker on the Cincinnati/Tulsa game straight up said that the UCD game was streaming, when it in fact did not seem to be.

    Totally agree that we were getting the short end of the stick because we're a smaller profile school and fanbase. But that's also frustrating and a bit circular, because what was at stake here was literally this team's main opportunity to get a national TV audience and therefore build its profile. By the time our game was on ANY platform, it was 10:40 East Coast time and basically just a regionally broadcast game at that point.
  • Week 5: UC Davis @ Montana State
    I agree we didn't have a shot at Chambers and he brings a lot to the table. I guess I'm venting that I want us to get to the point where we do have the ability to go 2-deep with this level of athlete at key positions. If that's actually impossible because of recruiting limitations, then we're in deep trouble if we're hoping to build anything more than consistent 7 or 8-win seasons (even that looks like it won't be consistent).
  • Week 5: UC Davis @ Montana State
    It’s harrowing that MSUs backup QB is considerably more productive than our second year (ish) starter
  • Week 5: UC Davis @ Montana State
    Inexcusable from ESPN
  • FCS QB rankings
    Having an Eags QB put 400 on you is basically a rite of passage at this point.

    Interesting to see Johnson cruising at Montana, this is his third(?) D1 program. He beat eventual Pac-12 champ Utah helming San Diego State last year, though with bad stats
  • Week 4: Weber State @ UC Davis
    My random thought today was a potential severe irony of some of the comparisons to Gould's strategies and offensive production -- If this year's team had Gould's scheme and kicking/punting talent, we might actually be 2-2 or 3-1 right now.

    To be clear I'm not advocating returning to that offense, just that I'm frustrated that -- this and last year at least -- a lot of the changes from the Gould era seemed to be purely aesthetic on O.
  • Edward's Family Athletics Center
    Was the point of the Team Center renovation to expand locker room space to take up where the coaches offices used to be? Or is it split now where the away locker rooms are in the BFTC and the home locker rooms are in the EFAC?

    I seem to remember there basically wasn't enough space for two full sets of locker rooms before; I'm guessing that was one of the goals of the renovation either way.
  • Week 4: Weber State @ UC Davis
    I wouldn’t call this a noteworthy statline for Hastings despite the yards and lack of TOs. Weber was probably happy to give him short or no gain passes all day considering they knew by now we wouldn’t go downfield, struggle in kicking, and use a throughly scouted fourth down play on short yardage.

    Weber played exactly how they needed to except they maybe didn’t count on the Aggie defense just being that good. With an average Aggie D from prior years this would have been 24-12 or 31-12 and I think that would make the Aggie offense seem much worse in comparison
  • Week 4: Weber State @ UC Davis
    Yeah, this is a different team than when I started watching in the Gould years because we’re not losing due to being hopelessly outmatched on the field anymore, we’re losing because of very specific issues of bad execution.

    Ironically doesn’t feel less frustrating
  • Week 4: Weber State @ UC Davis
    In the range where Trent probably could have gotten the first but I like taking the points and getting Gomez some confidence
  • Week 4: Big Sky Schedule and Scores
    Nothing I’d say is really surprising yet, except maybe the exact level of dominance by sac.

    I don’t think either team winning our game would be considered a surprise unless it’sa blowout
  • Week 4: Weber State @ UC Davis
    Beautiful day for football.

    My own captain obvious take is that Weber is getting a lot of credit for performing as they should against what we know to be a weak schedule (if USU is as bad as they’ve looked). But either way both teams will have a chance to prove themselves on roughly even territory tonight.

    Go Ags!
  • Week 4: Weber State @ UC Davis

    After three games Sagarin is higher on Davis than pretty much any media outlet or poll and maybe anyone except Hawkins. It also thinks we've had by far the toughest schedule in the top 10.

    On the other hand, it also thinks Weber is closer to SDSU than to UCD.
  • Record attendance tonight (students and total)
    I think we officially did sell out the season last year or close to it because the first few games were limited to exactly 10k for COVID reasons.

    I don't think profile played a role because we haven't had any home games other than Cal Poly and Sac State that would stick out to a casual fan that I recall. I'm pretty confident in saying that the students and new fans didn't turn out to see UTU/Dixie State last year; they turned out because marketing was good, the team has generally been much improved, and Davis football has become an increasingly desirable product.
  • Record attendance tonight (students and total)
    Last year the trifecta of student attendance, stadium attendance, and revenue were all set apparently. It sounds like ticket revenue is not too much of a concern because it's flowing with the general increased popularity of the program.

    I'd also argue that student attendance is vital considering an (apparent minority) of the students are trying to advance measures to defund athletics. There's an existential need to get students into the games, which could long-term be worth sacrificing a few more sections as student sections. (I think that's what happened on Sat; two of the East Side sections were empty until students filled them, so there was a reduced total number of normal tickets for sale)
  • Week 3: San Diego (1-1) @ UC Davis (0-2)
    My understanding from some web surfing about it last year (the formation or one very similar to it gets hits under the "Swinging Gate" and the color guy did call it that yesterday) is that half the advantage is forcing the other team to spend time preparing for it and creating momentary confusion for the kick blocking team.

    Theoretically if you put Tompkins in on the kicking team or line up in the Gate before shrinking to a standard kick formation then Weber has to have personnel out there to defend him and/or mill around until they're sure the Aggies are going to kick or run. My borderline conspiracy theory is that real reason Hawkins showed it last night was to give Gomez slightest additional measure of security next week for PATs, which we know from SDSU can make the difference and area an area of concern.
  • Record attendance tonight (students and total)
    I'm guessing the numbers in the tweet are redeemed student tickets + sold normal tickets.

    My understanding from a variety of discussions over the years is that a sellout is basically whatever the fire marshall says it is. So I can believe 12k or so were actually in the stadium and they stalled on announcing attendance until ticket redemption for late-arriving students dwindled off.
  • Week 3: San Diego (1-1) @ UC Davis (0-2)
    Regarding the game, best experience in UCDH stadium maybe ever IMO. GREAT crowd, dwindled a little at the end but makes sense, it was chilly, we were winning, and the students needed to go enjoy their first weekend in the dorms. Good fan engagement, clever giveaways, classic quirky band show, concession lines weren't terrible compared to what I've seen, mobile ticketing was smooth once I got the email, etc. Good food truck selection too. Really feels like the AD is listening, especially on "easy-win" gameday experience issues.

    Of course everything is better when the offense starts of red-hot. Similar concerns with other folks on here that the offense sputtered a little in the middle, but on the other hand I'm thinking we can still wear teams down on the ground mid-game so long as we're in reach or in the lead. I seem to remember that's pretty much what happened at Tulsa back then, we stopped getting TDs as their defense held for large stretches -- but they were so tired after chasing HR and Gilliam all day that the Aggies could chew clock at will at the end.

    I know there are disadvantages to being predictable, but there's just such a "cool" factor to the offense when Tompkins comes in at the redzone or two point conversion. It doesn't always work, but it's great to UCD basically challenge the other team to a physical battle and you know TT is going to give it his all to make Magic happen regardless of what gets thrown at him defensively or the stakes on the line. By my count the wildcat was the go-ahead scoring play three times in the last two seasons, which a stunning amount considering by now everyone's seen it on film since the CJ Spencer days.
  • Week 3: San Diego (1-1) @ UC Davis (0-2)
    Our core base is 100% aging. Or to put it another way, there’san age group of about age 22-32 in which we don’t have a fan base. This is the full consequence we’re feeling from those awful sputtering years under Gould with mediocre teams and bad marketing. Covid did not help either.

    If I tell an Aggie or local resident my age that I have Davis season tickets the universal reaction is “Oh I heard/remember that Davis is terrible at football”. Doesn’t matter that we’ve had as many winning seasons under Hawkins as we had <4 win seasons under Gould by now, if you lose a fan they stay lost because they never bother to look into Aggie ball again.

    I’m in the Young Alumni section but there is no actual section, I don’t know if anyone else sitting there is actually young alumni who purchased season tickets. It all seems to be player families and students sneaking in for better seats.
  • Week 3: San Diego (1-1) @ UC Davis (0-2)
    I know we need water but I’d be really frustrated if this game is our first rainfall in a while lol