• Men's 2022 Big West Basketball Tournament March 8-12
    This assessment and Dr. Mike's qualifier below it are correct per this site:

    (25 games with tourney counting as one). However there's a case-by-case waiver process. I would hope that UCD has already done everything possible to secure such a waiver and it would be weird to keep fans in the dark about it if the AD did/has not going into the tournament.
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    I've done my share to support this team through good and bad via other social media, donations, purchases, and trying to spread word of mouth to my friends, on top of going to dozens of losing games.

    I'm not a student anymore though and my time and money have value; the program doesn't get to claim either for free without accountability
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    I went to pretty much every game, the whole game, as a student during the Gould years where we were lucky to pick up a D1 win. Unlike most of this forum, I didn't get to experience any sort of football success as an Aggie fan until Hawkins came along and I'm certainly thankful for not being terrible every week anymore. I get very testy at being called a fair-weather fan after the abject disappointment this team kept dragging me through year after year with me keeping coming back for more for some reason.

    That being said, now that the school seems to take football seriously now I expect the coaches to do everything they can to play to win. Good programs don't play for .501 seasons, they play for championships. That's what I want us to strive for, so it's really frustrating to see the program not seemingly striving for it.
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    At least he got put in while the game is salveageable. Expect defense to stiffen up in the second half too when they're not on the field as much hopefully
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    Now, yes, but the staff still needs to demonstrate that they're doing everything in their power to win. They're not.

    Seriously reconsidering season tickets for next year. When I commit heavily to teams I kind of like when coaches play to win, not treat the year with our most stacked roster ever as a rebuilding year for no apparent reason
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    OK I wrote that before the pick. If Hastings is on the field next drive, then the AD needs to have a LONG talk with Hawkins this offseason. (Barring some hidden injury that let HR travel and play last week but makes him unavailable this week)
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    Hastings hasn't been awful but we'll need much more of an explosion to keep up with the Jackrabbits. The, uh, other SDSU beat Boise to clinch the division yesterday when they put in their benched Week 1 starter after falling behind double digits. That's the kind of gutsy substitutions that you have to make with the season on the line IMO
  • Round 1: UC Davis @ South Dakota State
    The fact that this represents mildly improved playcalling and offensive execution speaks more about the state of the offense the last few games than how I feel about Davis today
  • WBB: Aggies (1-2) vs Sac State (2-2) 5 pm Tues 11/23 at the Golden 1 Center
    That 3rd quarter is why I'm a season ticket holder for this team. Pure effort leading to domination
  • WBB: Aggies (1-2) vs Sac State (2-2) 5 pm Tues 11/23 at the Golden 1 Center
    Is either game on espn plus? Couldn't find it for a friend but I do see a TV crew here
  • Week 12: Sac State @ UC Davis Causeway Classic 2021
    That's true, we did take more shots, though I'd say that was partly due to the risk-reward ratio of the long ball being different (or perceived by the staff to be different) with Maier and Doss making most of the connections. Plough's offense's preferred play was still handoffs to Gilliam up the middle as I recall.

    I've liked some of what I've seen this year, especially earlier in the year, with serious attempts to simply get the ball to the best athletes and mix up whether we were going to the side or up the gut. Hard to tell with the quality of some of the early competition but it did feel like the team was running the offense that needed to be run with HR at the helm and when opponents didn't understand the full scope of TT's abilities. Then it certainly did get more stale and transparent, especially with the feeling that relying on Hastings didn't add anything to the offense, just no longer threatened some of the things that Rodrigues brought to the table. I'm not convinced Plough would have done better in the back half of the season -- it's still fresh on my mind how lackluster 2019 was once Doss graduated.

    (And as others have said, no knocks on Hastings, I expect him to contribute for years because Hawkins is good at getting a ton of guys in for specific purposes, but I don't think his role will be to play the majority of downs)
  • Week 12: Sac State @ UC Davis Causeway Classic 2021
    Was with family and took time to sort my thoughts on the game

    • I don't feel comfortable inviting family and friends to big games after this and last week. Hawkins' teams have just not shown up for big games at home. His signature home win is far and away the playoff game vs UNI -- where we were clearly favored -- and after that, maybe the 2018 OT win against an decent-ish Idaho State?
    • C. Hawkins might actually be okay as an OC -- I think he's a step up from Plough's playcalling tbh -- but "okay" doesn't cut it with the optics of hiring family. AD needs to step in and have a long talk with D. Hawkins about whether it's appropriate to even give Cody more time or just admit a mistake and move on with a national search. I don't think Daft or any prior OC is the answer, but I do think it speaks volumes that this forum is starting to get nostalgic for an OC who was from the team's least effectual years.
    • I was willing to believe the whole game that HR was injured or something that made him nonviable because that was the most rational explanation for why he wasn't given a shot when the freshman QBs were struggling. But when he did come in, he looked like the readiest player on the field for the Ags (admittedly against the 2s, but still, a lot of poise and game sense).
    • Defense has gone from perennially disappointing to kinda acceptable but that basically doesn't matter when the offense is in this shape and our conference is filled with high-octane offenses.
    • We're still very, inexcusably sloppy. Not that it would have won the game this time, but a few better tackles and fewer penalties might have made the score a much more swallow-able 17-3 at the half or something, which changes the game plan, keeps crowd energy, etc.
  • Week 11: Eastern Washington @ Davis
    Memories of 2018 playoffs. When all is said and done, no matter how much the program improves, we don't have an answer for the fact that EB3 is a better athlete than pretty much anyone we can put on the field
  • Week 11: Eastern Washington @ Davis
    audio is out of spec on the PA and the graphics are consistently going off where they interrupt other things on the screen.

    We're one of the top STEM schools in the world and yet when anything is athletics related we just generally give off the vibe of being very mediocre at anything tech. It's befuddling.
  • Week 11: Eastern Washington @ Davis
    Actually OK with that drive because it completely flipped field position. Using TT as essentially a decoy to allow Hastings to run up the middle is a nice wrinkle, though it didn't do much. But that's the kind of adaptation we didn't see in previous seasons IMO
  • WBB: Saint Mary's (1-0) at UCD (1-0) 12 noon Saturday 11/13
    The season might still be okay but more games like these makes it more and more likely that this team's ceiling is getting a first round draw @ Stanford again
  • WBB: Academy of Art at UCD 6 pm Tuesday 11/09
    Really cool to have Nagel -- I'd argue one of the key players who built the juggernaut -- still involved and providing mentorship. I think Hall may be the only current player who saw the floor with the Splash Sisters? The seasons are blurring together, in a good way.
  • MBB: Aggies at William Jessop (Exhibition) 7:30 pm Saturday 10/30
    My WBB season ticket membership has not disappointed. I'm actually not entirely sure when was the last time I attended a home WBB game where UCD lost, might have been in Bertsch's first year or something

    Re: basketball streaming, all non-Hawaii MBB and WBB games will be on ESPN+ unless on a main ESPN network