• CA Forever
  • BaseballAtDobbins
    Should be a great one. When will we know the start time?
  • BaseballAtDobbins
    Kenny has no chance vs SDSU.
  • zythe
    How are the bison so good year in and year out?
  • CA Forever
    Yeah NDSU and SDSU should win fairly easily IMHO. Weber and Maine could be a very good game. Hoping for a closer game with EWU than last time.
  • BaseballAtDobbins
    I assume that the times listed are EST? So 1pm Pacific?
  • CA Forever
    Yeah top corner of that pic says all times eastern... so 1 PM start time.
  • CA Forever
    No matter what happens in this game I want everyone to remember this...

    2016: 3-8
    2017: 5-6
    2018: 10-2

    This is just the beginning...
  • NCagalum
    you are right. SDSU will kill them. I always though Kennesaw was ranked to high. Wofford one of the weaker entries in the playoffs almost knocked them off.
  • zythe
    How are we doing with recruiting? Some of the freshmen had impact plays in this game.
  • CA Forever
    We already have 9 commitments, but we'll see what happens at the early signing day later this month. Some of the commits looks like serious studs and I have some ideas of other recruits I think we are in the running for. Looking like another strong class though.
  • SochorField
    Our half of the bracket looks like September in the Big Sky.

    Hawkins and company have a tall task ahead, getting ready to make things right up in Cheney.
  • eastbayaggie
    I think Eastern Washington had some key injuries before today's game. What is their injury situation now?
  • aggiemba
    What is the best way to get to Cheney? I assume flying to Spokane as driving looks to be about a 13.5 hr trip from Davis.
  • AggieFinn
    Am I seeing that right? All Eight Seeds advance to final 8?
  • eastbayaggie

    I just booked from SFO to Spokane round trip.
    I don't think I can take the 29F weather though.
  • eastbayaggie
    What's the best way to buy visitor side tickets? Or what sections are they?

    Edit: Tickets on sale Sunday at noon at goeags.com/tickets
  • agalum

    I went to the last EW game. SW has two non stop flights. Otherwise you are going all over the west before you get there. Yes, fly into Spokane. I have Hettz gold and got a dynamite rate from them. Cheney is 20-30 minutes fron Spokane depending on weather. But stay in Spokane. The visitor bleachers totally suck and it is freezing cold. The mens room is heated, so even the locals crowded in there at half to get warm, lol.
  • ucdavisaggie05
    Welp, time for round 1 of the Big Sky Battle Royale. Let's get it.
  • Toke69
    CAForever made a good point. I am fairly sure that with Hawkins as head coach, the Ags will be a perennial presence in the FCS playoffs and get some shots at a national title. I was hoping for this from the day I heard he was hired: A return to glory at the Div. I level.
  • BaseballAtDobbins
    Plenty of flights to Spokane and rent a car to go to the game. I believe there are also hourly buses to Cheney & EWU from Spokane every day, as well. But if you're flying in, might as well rent a car or cab/uber/lift whichever floats your boat.
  • BlueGoldAg
    We just got home after going to dinner after the game and we're worn out and have practically lost our voices. What a hard fought, tough game that was with lots of ups and downs. We almost had them on their heels when that pass went through our reciever's hands and they nearly returned the pick for 6. Then we intercept them in the red zone and a brawl nearly breaks out. I still don't know quite what happened that got several players all riled up and eventually got one of their players ejected.

    Lots of big hits and outstanding play by the Aggie defense and a couple of sensational catches by Doss and Harrell. They put a lot of pressure on Jake and we had a tough time getting to their QB. It was an intensely physical game and hope we aren't too beat up.

    It was a great atmosphere in the stadium with the fans really vocally supporting the team. I'm a bit bummed that we didn't get a sell out. You can't fault the athletics department for that though. They promoted the hell out of this game and tried about everything they could to get the students to show up. It was a good showing by the students but it could have been a lot better.

    The intensity of playoff football is up a whole level. It was so much fun to finally be with a crowd of Aggie fans that really got into the game and made a lot of noise. This is the way it should be all season long.

    Super proud of the Aggies. Time for some payback at EWU!!
  • movielover
    Part funny, part sad.... Panther post game interview with noise of the Aggie celebration in the next room.
  • CK2
    EWU lost their starting safety. He is out. They were missing stud DL who was on crutches on Saturday. Not sure of his status vs UCD. I was impressed with the way the OL held up vs UNI and think they’ll be better equipped this time around vs EWU. Gonna have to be opportunistic on D & have to take away the run.... EWU gonna get theirs but need to find a way to get a few more stops.

    Think I went 8-0 on sides last week including Maine/Colgate upsets. (They were underdogs) SDSU/NDSU should roll this weekend. Maine/Weber should be a good one Friday night. Am really intrigued as to how Kenne will match up with the Jacks.
  • CA Forever
    Just heard through some Facebook friends that it sounds like the Band-uh! is going to try to make it up to Eastern Washington, but it depends on funding. If I can find anything more specific if they are taking donations to get the kids up there I will post it here.
  • DrMike
    My wife and I were looking at flights to Spokane from Bay Area. The ‘wanna get aways’ Frday non stops out of San Jose were the best deals; about as easy to fly out of there than Oakland for us. We are staying put though; have to skip the 28 degree weather
  • eastbayaggie
    According to one poster on the Eastern Washington board:

    "5 guys on D gone makes a huge difference. Hope we get the 3 back we can did realize this till after the game."

    I presume that should make some difference in the next game. Shouldn't it?
  • eastbayaggie
    I don't want to revive an old thread, so I'll just place this stuff over here.

    Here's an update to the Massey rankings related to our schedule:


    Current - School - (Week 11 Ranking - My previous update)

    #23 Stanford (#33)
    #61 Eastern Washington (#97) - Up 1
    #85 UC Davis (#86) - Down 1
    #113 Northern Iowa (New Entry)
    #137 Idaho State (#123)
    #138 Montana (#145) - Up 1
    #142 San Jose State (#144) - Down 1
    #151 Cal Poly (#179) - Up 1
    #164 Idaho (#148) - Down 1
    #175 San Diego (#181)
    #178 Northern Arizona (#187)
    #203 Northern Colorado (#201)
    #209 Sacramento State (#207)

    The last time I did this update was before the Eastern Washington loss.
    Since then, Eastern Washington and Cal Poly have moved up in rankings significantly while Idaho dropped.

    Eastern Washington is currently ranked better than FBS schools like UCLA, BYU, Nebraska, Virginia Tech, Arizona, Texas Tech, and Kansas State.

    We're currently ranked better than FBS schools like Hawaii, Kansas, Arkansas, Air Force, Colorado, and Nevada.

    Looking at next year's schedule in chronological order while using this year's rankings:

    #50 California
    #175 San Diego
    #222 Lehigh
    #24 North Dakota State
    #138 Montana
    #153 North Dakota
    #151 Cal Poly
    #213 Southern Utah
    #94 Weber State
    #179 Portland State
    #115 Montana State
    #209 Sacramento State

    We are currently ranked higher than ten out of twelve teams.
    The way, way, way too early projection for next year is therefore a record of 10-2. :)
  • ucdboyd
    The forcast for Saturday is now up to 31 degrees. A "balmy day" as my great grandpa used to say. Dr Mike, might have to rethink staying home.
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