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    The allegations against Berkeley HC Teri McKeever include bullying, verbal abuse, constant swearing, sex and possibly racial discrimination. The Orange County Register interviewed 19 swimmers or former swimmers, and six parents. The coach reportedly also targeted LGBTQ and African American athletes.

    Coach McKeever is a top rated woman's coach. Cal swimming has recently had a 42% transfer rate.

    Multiple swimmers considered suicide.

    These allegations imply damaging action (or inaction) by athletics administration, oversight, etc. The Berkeley Athletic Director and SWA are also on the hot seat.

    UC Berkeley swimmers allege coach Teri McKeever bullied and verbally abused them for years


    "Carter is one of at least six Cal women’s swimmers since 2018 who made plans to kill themselves or obsessed about suicide for weeks or months because of what they describe as McKeever’s bullying, according to a Southern California News Group investigation...."

    "The women characterize their attempts or suicide plans, verified by more than a dozen teammates, parents and friends, as desperate cries for help from within a toxic culture created by McKeever...."

    "Cal swimmers are routinely pressured by McKeever to train and compete despite physical reasons for sitting out, including suffering from chronic illnesses such as epilepsy or Crohn’s disease, injuries such as broken bones or concussions, or while recovering from eating disorders...."

    "Four Cal seniors on the 2021-22 roster recently met with [AD] Knowlton and [SWA] Simon-O’Neill and alleged bullying and verbal and emotional abuse by McKeever, according to three people familiar with the meeting. Knowlton told the swimmers that McKeever was just a hard, tough coach...."

  • movielover
    "Additionally, a letter, obtained by SCNG, shows that Cal chancellor Robert Joseph Birgeneau was made aware in 2010 of verbal abuse and harassment allegations against McKeever dating back to 2001. Another former Cal swimmer has confirmed to SCNG that McKeever allegedly bullied and verbally abused swimmers as early as 2000."
  • DrMike
    The Mercury is running wild with this story. 3 straight days and first day was a 3-pager.
  • AggieFinn2
    I noticed she chose not to get married until 45 and to not have children. Not that choosing not to have children makes someone unfeeling, but I think she would have more compassion toward her student-athletes if she had a family of her own. This is someone who is one-minded, overly-driven, and her behavior was never really checked because she produced the results, so it got further out of hand.
  • movielover

    It doesn't look good for the AD, who recently signed an 8 year extension, the SWA, and the administration.

    The CONCUSSION INC writer isn't optimistic about an open investigation, and alludes to women's swimming being a bottomless pit (of corruption?).


    San Jose State has their own quagmire in women's swimming with a former trainer accused of sexual assault over 15 years, and ICA allegedly covering it up. Several whistleblowers allegedly fired, the AD lost her job, one $3.3 Million settlement and lawsuits are flying.

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