• BlueGoldAg
    That's an outstanding article and it underscores how lucky we are to have Les and Nosek at the helm of the Aggies.

    It was also good to hear that all the players have been given an extra year of eligibility due to the pandemic. I wonder how this is going to affect recruiting for this year and next?
  • DrMike
    I still think it’s bizarre we are the only Big West team on the sideline. Sac is playing yet we can’t do anything. And the LA area teams are playing? Weird.

    I suspect Hawaii might have to opt out due to quarantine issues.
  • BlueGoldAg
    I still think it’s bizarre we are the only Big West team on the sideline. Sac is playing yet we can’t do anything. And the LA area teams are playing? Weird.DrMike

    My feelings exactly. It's a Yolo County thing...
  • 72Aggie
    Could they follow the 49ers example and play in another location? JC gym in Sacramento or Solano County? Golden 1? Share a gym with UOP, St. Mary’s or, shudder, Sac?
  • 72Aggie
    For the moment at least there is an exception to Hawai’i’s strict quarantine. You can travel to a few of the islands after a negative test from approved testing programs. My neighbors took off for Thanksgiving week on the spur of the moment, taking their three children (grade school to college) with them. If you could arrange the practice facilities, could you do an NBA type bubble in Hawai’i? Send the whole league there? Probably not with mid-major money.
  • Toke69
    Hawaii's football team hosted UNLV this past Saturday and the basketball teams are under no restrictions against practicing, so there will be no problem with letting Big West teams come here, but Yolo County will probably not let any teams go there. I wonder if Sac State would be willing to let the Aggies practice and play there?
  • fugawe09
    My guess is that if UCD really wanted to circumvent Yolo County, they could. They may not have the desire to do so.
  • Goags20172
    I don't really think UCD has much appetite for pulling out the stops to push through athletics right now, with pretty much no financial incentive to do so. I say pretty much because there's still the hope that if you get the season in that student athletes who would be normally finishing up their eligibility will be satisfied and not stick around taking up scholarship money for another year. However, that's really a drop in the bucket compared to what it costs to hold the events.

    I suspect right now administrators are feigning disappointment every time they cancel an event. No basketball Friday ? Oh no, we were so looking forward to hosting that game with no spectators so that posters on aggiesportstalk.com can watch it online and make critiques ! This such a shame *rolling eyes*.!
  • movielover
    A trusted source says that assistant coach Kyle Vogt is the more respected assistant. He appears more active in games. When I've run into him, he's pleasant.

    The only person I've ever heard referred to in Davis as Mayor is Aggie Football's Jake Maier. #Shredville
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