• Toke69
    I couldn't help noticing how many of the teams in the Sweet 16 this year have a large number of transfer students who play major roles. For example, I think 3 of USC's 5 starters were all transfers. Does anyone know how the transfer portal works exactly? I guess any athlete can put him or herself in the portal and then any school can take them if they meet admission requirements? If it's that easy, then I have a theory that some of the powers in men's basketball that were absent or underperforming this year have coaches who are still relying on freshmen whereas other coaches are realizing that they can act like general managers and sift through the transfer portal to find the proven players who fit their strategies or fill a key role. Need a strong rebounder/shot-blocker? Check the transfer portal. Need a three-point ace? Check the transfer portal. If I'm right, this could be fundamentally changing the nature of college basketball and shifting the balance of power. I suspect that Jim Les is aware of this shift and has used it somewhat. Unfortunately so has Joe Pasternack.
  • 69aggie
    Well, we have the Brooke Yanez example of how the transfer portal actually works, at least in softball. Oregon gets screwed by Texas ripping off a large number of players with its coach moving to Texas. So the only logical thing for them to do is poach new players from other teams like UC Davis and others. It worked! Why only softball and minor sports? If this goes on who knows who will play where the next season? Big Supreme Court decision coming out soon that may impact this.
  • BlueGoldAg
    What is the Supreme Court case that may impact the transfer portal?
  • 69aggie
    NCAA v. Alston. Mainly involves whether the NCAA can prevent athletes from receiving any kind of payment for their play. May also effect the overall ability of the NCAA to set most of the rules of college sports which could include the transfer portal.
  • Toke69
    Here is an explanation of how the transfer portal works: https://www.ncaa.org/static/champion/what-the-ncaa-transfer-portal-is/ Of some interest is the section on the waiver of the requirement that a player sit out one season after transfer. It does not sound that easy to get a waiver, but it must not be that hard in reality because I see so many players in the NCAA men's tournament, at least, who are playing for their new school right away. It will be of interest to the Big West that Hawaii has 6 players who have entered in the portal including their two best starters from this past season, Justin Webster and James Jean-Marie.
  • Oldbanduhalum
    I think there was a general transfer waiver this year due to the shortened season last year. The Ags benefited by getting Anigwe a season earlier than expected.

    UH losing those two players in particular will hurt, though they do seem to be able to attract transfers and fit them into their system. Looks like beach is losing a bunch of players also. Ags might be the most stable team from this year to next.
  • 69aggie
    I think that the NCAA “explanation” of the Transfer portal” is too incredibly complex and at least to some degree a self serving bunch of boilerplate BS. I hate the transfer portal! We will return to the afore too often mentioned Brooke Yanez. UC Davis spent a ton of effort and money to recruit her over the efforts of many other colleges. Supported her well and she proved herself extremely well at UC Davis and Oregon snatched her. Good for Brooke. Hypocrisy noted: we got Mac from Albany. Swenveld from Colo. State, Antiguewe from SJS, and who knows who else? (Excuse spelling, please) But this was not for the money. Now, with the forthcoming Alston case the USSC may well rule that the NCAA has violated longstanding anti-trust laws for its sole governing authority over all college sports. So if it rules that college athletes should be paid for their services, should a disappointed player not be able to move their services to another “employer” who would pay them more? I don't think that would be fair and that the USSC could, in effect, allow all collegiate athletes to transfer anywhere at any time. It is their choice to make. On a side note: as a USSC watcher I think this is a case where its the “guys” on the court versus the “girls,” so not partisan but gender! Guys for the NCAA. Girls for Alston, including Amy Comey Barrett and the girl libs. Very interesting case. NCAA 60-40 to win. . . .
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