• AggieFinn2
    In September, a few months early.

    Possibly just a fall ball roster but still interesting.

    However, if it really is the spring roster, it has a lot of new faces. There were only 4 graduating seniors in 2022 but of the 36 players on this roster 21 are new.

    Eleven players who were not seniors aren't on the 2023 roster. I was surprised to see Omar Plascencia, Carson Seeman missing. Plascencia got a good amount of playing time the last 2 years and looked like a good defensive catcher. Seeman was the opening day catcher and the season finale's starting pitcher. He pitched very efficiently (a lot of ground balls) when I saw. Nolan Meredith ate a lot of innings for the team, but he must be very close to finishing his degree

    Quite a few transfers among the newcomers:

    Trevor Allen, RHP, So, Mission College
    Max Manning, LHP, So, Mission College
    Rowen Barnes, RHP, So, Skyline College
    Carter Delaney, RHP, So, Folsom Lake College
    Theo Forshey, IF, Jr, El Camino College
    Jack Gallagher, C, Santa Rosa Junior College
    Alex Gouveia, IF, Modesto Junior College
    Nicholas Jenkinson, P/OF UCD Club Baseball
    Damian Stone, OF, Ohlone College
    Ian Torpey, RHP, University of Nothern Colorado

    An interesting group.

    Gallagher led the Big 8 Conference in homeruns in 2022. He redshirted at Chico State as a true freshman it appears.

    Allen, Barnes, Delaney, and Torpey were all starting pitchers in 2022. All but Torpey had excellent pitching stats, but I believe he still did lead the Bears in strikeouts. He'll be thrilled not to be pitching in CO anymore. It appears Delaney redshirted his first year at Pomona-Pitzer.

    Forshey and Stone each spent their first season at UC Santa Barbara. Stone would appear to be an extremely fast baserunner-54 stole bases this year for Ohlone College. They both seem to have some power too.

    Jenkinson spent 2021 with the UCD Club team, which he led in homeruns. He also appeared in a few games as a starting pitcher. Must have a decent arm. You can't really say a club team is equivalent to any particular NCAA division because you have a mix of players who are good enough to try out for the varsity team (and maybe make it) and others who are closer to just being weekend warriors. For what it's worth though the UCD Yolos did really well in 2022.
  • movielover
    Hopefully the coach has a good eye. I've always thought we should be able to get good - very good JC players who would love a UC degree and our campus.
  • AggieFinn2
    They picked up two former UCSB players-not bad. To compete in the Big West they need to find talent wherever they can. They probably have more transfers this year than any other year I can remember. Good idea. The past rosters were skewed too heavily in favor of HS recruits. You need more experienced players to balance out the younger ones who may not even be done growing. To get three successful JC starting pitchers in one season is outstanding.

    Torpey might be a big surprise as a starter or maybe a closer. His ERA was over 7.00 n 2022 playing for a really bad Northern Colorado team in (they only went 12-39 in 2022) but he's also learned how to pitch in nearly the worst possible pitching environment the last 2 years. 67 strikeouts in 60 innings pitched is really good.

    It's difficult to imagine the 2023 team not being a lot better than the 2022 one for the simple fact that they can't help but be better with more depth. No more having to use openers and having starting pitchers finish the games to prevent the bullpen from blowing late leads. The new transfer position players, even if they don't come near their previous offensive numbers, aren't likely to fall on their faces either. Still, going off the quality of the competition they'll be facing I'm not going to predict as optimistic a finish as the Davis Enterprise writer who saw them at .500.

    Too difficult to guess the starting lineup. I'd guess Williams III at catcher, Henrickson at first (very good glove) maybe Leehey at shortstop, Wolbert in right field and beyond that who knows ? Freeman, Riccomini, and Green all had good work as "bulk innings pitchers", but they have more competition now.
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