• movielover
    Best & Notable West & Midwest FCS Stadiums

    I've been to few, but would like to hear some feedback. Let me get the discussion started.

    Can't Miss

    Montana - Grizzley Stadium and the game day experience look tough to beat.

    NDSU - Fargodome - similar to Montana, but I think I'd prefer being outside.

    Up and Coming

    UC Davis Health Stadium - the growing crowds add needed energy.

    Honorable Mention

    Cal Poly - I went years ago, and need to revisit it. Great school.

    Weber State and Montana State - both look interesting
  • agalum
    Notable, EWU, as the worse visitor game experience during cold weather. The only place to seek warm air is the men’s room. No lie. It was packed with people standing around at half time. They had a warming area on the visitor side but you needed credentials to get in. It was empty, yet they wouldn’t allow entry.
    Fans not very welcoming.
  • AggieFinn
    I've been told Bobcat Stadium is a good place to watch a game:

  • AggieFinn
    Also, if you haven't been to Walkup Skydome in Flagstaff, a really fun visit on gameday.

  • BaseballAtDobbins
    No love for the high school, don't trip and fall bleachers at Hornet Stadium? Nothing says low budget like Sac State.
  • NCagalum
    I've been told Bobcat Stadium is a good place to watch a game:

    I’ll let you know. My wife and are headed to Bozeman one week from tomorrow. Hopefully our vividseats tickets (what a disaster so far) will come through. I have been on the bobcat nation board and they have been very nice including offering tickets or guiding me if vividseats craps out. One of the guys said they had a lot of respect for UCD but if I were from U of M or Eastern Washington I would be on my own regarding tickets :-). I told him most Aggies had the same feeling about all 3 (and in the context of the HCs at UM and EWU).

    They told me to stop by for tailgating. I hope it is as good or nearly as good at in Fargo (2019) where the fans were great and so was the tailgating. I am not a big fan of indoor stadiums so the Fargo dome was not my favorite venue to see the actual game.
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