• BlueGoldAg
    Hoops are almost here and the both the Men's and the Women's BB teams have garnered preseason recognition. Collegeinsider.com ranked the Women's BB team as #20 in the FCS preseason poll while the Men's BB team received 12 votes in the Men's preseason poll:


  • Goags20172
    I don't know. I don't think the Aggies have a shot at winning the pre- season. Lots of good practicing out there !

    And that silly statement sums up my feelings about pre- season polls.

    Sportswriter: Uh duh...I'm gonna come up with a pre- season all- star team. Lemmee see. I take Da good players from da year before, subtract Da graduates, add Da new good players, then decide which ones r goodest. Then I pick Da next goodest...

    Be quiet and let the players decide who's the best, sportswriters and coaches !

    Are coaches not allowed to vote for their own teams in pre- season polls ? If there's no restriction and your team sucks why not vote for yourself and at least get a vote.

    And all- conference teams. Are all those guys and gals from different schools going to get on the court and play an all- star team from a different conference ? What if they hate each other ? What kind of imaginary team is that ? If not, why have a second team and an honorable mention team ? You don't need reserves for a game against nobody that isn't going to happen. You want to recognize good players, fine, but we don't need to do that by putting players who would never play together on a fantasy team. Whose wacky fantasy is that ?

    I think if you're going to have an honorable mention team you should have a dishonorable mention team. Put all the troublemakers on it (along with what they did so we can laugh at them). Fill in any missing spots with players who flunked all their classes and got booted out of college altogether. One last chance to put on the uniform.
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