• BaseballAtDobbins
    It just seems excessive. Next thing you know they'll be protests at Levis demanding the 49ers change their name...and this is coming from a Raiders fan.

    I get renaming certain buildings, halls, or moving statues of specific people with racist beliefs, but this is just some generic 49er.
  • lucche
    Next thing you know the colors red, black, white, and yellow will be banned too. This mentality is just ludicrous. Animal rights activists will also lead to banning animals as mascots. I guess we'll just have to make up non existing names for mascots.
  • CA Forever
    What am I missing? This happened years ago at this point.
  • fugawe09
    This happened in 2018. In mid-2020 they rolled out their new shark mascot named "Elbie." Athletics is going by Beach Athletics (Dirtbags for baseball). Students and alumni can still refer to themselves as 49ers. Neither teams nor individuals should be referred to as sharks. Elbie is just the mascot... kind of like how Gunrock is our mascot, but we refer to ourselves as the Aggies not the mustangs. That said, the shark costume looks like it came from a Chinese knock-off of a Seaworld park and per the university's official communication, Elbie is speechless, has no family, and identifies as gender non-binary, preferring they/them pronouns.

    The statue in question was planned to move to the alumni center opening in 2022, but was removed early last summer and put in storage due to threats of vandalism because some see it as anti-Native American.
  • 69aggie
    Elbie is a shark? I thought she was a SI swimsuit cover. What idiot thought that up? Not Universal Pictures for sure. Question: is Elbie a white shark, a black shark, a mixed race shark. Apparently, Elbie is non-binary, but does (it) identify as a he or a she? Hey, this stuff matters nowadays. No answers. No such problems with our “Gunrock.” He is a gay male horse who identifies as female and dresses in bright blue and is also speechless. But at least he/she has a family: think “Man-O-War”. How’s that for dropping on Elbie?

    On another note. We were just swept by the “Sharks,” no, the 49ers, no, the Dirtbags, or Elbie. Who cares, we lost badly.

    More importantly, it seems pretty obvious that Irvine is becoming the very dominant member of the BWC. dominating MBB, WBB (except for us), WVB, WP, BB, SB; it appears that Irvine is on a roll.
    As to the LBS losses it was just another sweep by other BWC teams. We are dead last in BB. When were we ever that before? And going down and down over the last years.
    I hear that our BB HC is revered and loved, but this has to be dealt with. Cut the sport? Not likely. New coach? Maybe a new name for BB?
  • Goags20172
    I will be happy to start a baseball thread on this.

    I thought non-binary meant someone identifies as neither (or both) gender(s) ? When did Gunrock come out ? I was at UCD the first year of Gunrock. They introduced him at Aggie Jam.
  • 69aggie
    Hey, lets just move on with this. What Gunrock did or did not do is protected by HIIPA now and thats very good. Now its Gunrock, the horse versus Elbie, the shark. But Elbie is a very feminine name. Gunrock is a very masculine name. Now both non-binary? OK with me.
    Let’s get onto baseball! BAD. . . .
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