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    UCD defeated CSUS in beach volleyball, 4-1, at a tournament at UOP. Depending on how anyone scores this thing, the running score is now UCD 45.85, CSUS 17.51.

    The UCD Causeway Cup website has the running score at UCD 35.02, CSUS 14.17. The website has a total of 70 points at stake so UCD has won the Cup by that measure. Updating for baseball and beach volleyball that score should now be UCD 38.36, CSUS 14.17.

    If you go out on a limb and include men's cross-country, men's tennis and both men's and women's golf, there are 90 points available and with 45.85 UCD has also won the Cup by that measure.

    The men have finished day two of the three day El Macero Golf Classic. CSUS had been six strokes ahead of UCD after day one, but after two days UCD sits two strokes better than CSUS.
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    UCD and CSUS have completed day three of the El Macero Classic and though there are still a few teams on the course, it appears UCD men's golf will finish 12th of 20 teams with a score of 872, while CSUS will finish 17th with 886 strokes.

    That puts the Causeway Cup running score, ...at least if you count golf..., at UCD 50.85, CSUS 17.51.

    Next scheduled event is men's tennis this coming Wednesday at Sacramento. The women's tennis teams will meet on Friday, also at Sacramento.
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    Men's tennis score from Sacramento: Ags 4, Hornets 1

    Running Causeway score, assuming you include men's tennis, UCD 55.85, CSUS 17.51.

    Next event is women's tennis at Sacramento this coming Friday.

    AND, the UCD Causeway website has been updated to include the previously mentioned missing sports. There are some hiccups regarding a couple of events and a couple of scores as well as some arithmetic, but basically we are on the same page....
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    CSUS defeated UCD in women's tennis this afternoon, 4-3, in a match in Sacramento. Current overall Causeway score is now UCD 55.85, CSUS 22.51.

    Next event for both men and women is the Causeway Dual Meet in track & field. An earlier schedule had the meet at Sacramento on Saturday, April 29th, but now the schedules for both schools show the event on Friday, the 28th, at Davis.

    After track & field there is the last of three baseball games, scheduled for May 9 at Sacramento. That will mark the end of another breathless Causeway Cup campaign.
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    Aggie track & field teams lost both sides of the Causeway Duals with the CSUS women winning by a score of 105-88 and the men by 95-77.

    "Running" (HAR!) score for the coveted Causeway Cup is now UCD 55.85, CSUS 32.51.

    The final Causeway event this athletic year is the last of three baseball games, scheduled for May 9 at Sacramento.
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    Read the entire results sheet, and seems the teams had about equal first place/second place winners, but sac it appears has a much deeper team than the Aggies. Believe we also had some injuries or holdouts for the BW meet coming soon. For instance we have one of the top men’s pole vault guy on the coast and he didn’t even get to play. I have always hated the duel meet scoring system which awards the depth of the teams, I.e. 1st place gets 5 point, and the 2d and 3d combine for 5 as well. No, I am really not complaining that much, it’s just what has been in place for decades and I was good with it my own very old running days. My only issue is: do the Aggies invest as much as sac insofar as track and field are concerned? If not, I am really bothered by that. Track and field is a great Olympic sport and we don’t need to see it diminished.IMHO
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    Baseball score from Sac: CSUS 7, UCD 5.

    This is the final competition between the schools this year.

    Ags won the overall Causeway Cup this year with 55.85 points to the Hornets’ 34.18.
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