• aggie6thman
    Davis, CA - UC Davis athletic director Kevin Blue is set to name former UC Davis fullback Dan Hawkins as the next head football coach. Hawkins was previously the head coach at Willamette University, Boise State, and Colorado with an overall record of 112-61-1. Hawkins was recently hired as the offensive coordinator at Florida International by Butch Davis.

    Prior to being hired at Florida International, Hawkins served as the head coach of the 2015 USA national football team where he won a gold medal and as the offensive coordinator for the Vikings Vienna, a European football team.

    Hawkins also served as the head coach of the Montreal Alouttes of the Canadian Football League.

    Blue announced on Monday, November 21 that former head coach Ron Gould would not be brought back for his fifth year. Later that day, Blue posted a pseudo job description on Medium that outlined what characteristics he was looking for in the next head coach. Hawkins fits many of those characteristics, including "affinity for UC Davis."

    Hawkins was a fullback for UC Davis from 1981 to 1982 under legendary coach Jim Sochor.

    A request for comment has been made to Athletic Director Blue.

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  • PortlandAggie
    This is a big get for UC Davis. I'm beyond please with this hire. (Y)
  • BlueGoldAg
    Great write up, 6th. Hawk is coming home!
  • ColterNuanez
    As first reported by ESPN, UC Davis has hired Dan Hawkins to coach his alma mater — http://skylinesportsmt.com/uc-davis-hires-dan-hawkins-as-head-football-coach
  • aggie6thman
    Press conference slated for tomorrow at 10 am PST.
  • smarterray
    this is crazy
  • smarterray
    this isn't just crazy, it's division 1 football! it ain't intramurals!
  • Oldbanduhalum
    Just saw the news on the Sportscenter ticker. Doubt we could have hired any other coach that would have warranted an ESPN bottom line mention.
  • zythe
    Guys, this is a new era!
  • CA Forever
    The last Hawkins in UCD sports history worked out pretty well... hopefully this one will do even better.
  • zythe
    Do you think this might spell out FBS in the future?
  • oldschool
    Let's win some games first. :)
  • movielover
    First a winning record, then the FCS playoffs and new facilities.
  • UCDavisFootball
    This was the exact hire that UC Davis needed. This has already stirred national attention and he will greatly impact recruiting. It will be interesting to see the staff he brings along but this will be a start of a new era. Former player under Hawkins and the Blue Collar hard work ethic will be evident in the program, and look for this to turn around quickly. Let's get him out on the recruiting trail and get things started. Great hire by Blue and looks like the athletic department is moving in the right direction. National attention brings more students, more athletes, and more fans.
  • SochorField
    Timing worked out nicely with the Sochor statue unveiling, beating Sac, and bringing in one of Sochor's boys as HC.

    Good couple of weeks to be an Aggie! I bet this will boost recruiting. Even if the kids aren't entirely familiar with Hawk at this point, just a peak at his resume has to get the juices flowing. The guy is legit.
  • Davisbear
    Seems like a great move by Blue! Clearly this has been in the works for some time (based on the timing). He dovetails nicely with what Blue laid out in terms of what he was looking for.

    After years of watching a bumbling, slow moving school and athletic department, more than anything I am excited that there is a guy in charge who is moving fast and has the gravitas to get things done. it is the first time that UCD has seemed D1 in a long time. Time will tell if Hawkins works out, but I appreciate having a decisive leader in the athletic department. Definitely sends a message to the whole department, being successful is part of the deal in college athletics.
  • oldaggie72
    I have not been back to comment in many years but I feel that Aggie Football is finally on the right track and that this could be the new direction we have all wanted. Does anyone know if the press conference is being televised or can be accessed in any way?
  • goaggs1
    IMHO, Coach Hawkins is going to lead our team next year to it's first winning season in many years. This team has a large pool of untapped talent that needs the right leader to make change. I'm going out on a limb and say we go 7-2 next year and win Big Sky in 2018.
  • BlueGoldAg
    Welcome back to the forum oldaggie72!
  • OldAggie
    that would be awesome...I doubt it, but it would be great. I think he will bring energy and expertise that will help get us a few more wins, but I don't think we are there yet talent wise.
  • OldAggie
    I'm extremely happy with this hire. This was exactly what I predicted...a coach who is looking to redeem himself (the alternative was a young rising star). My only hope with Hawk being hired is that he wants to make this his last stop...maybe that's overly optimistic, but let's hope he's in it for the long-haul. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised that Hawk took the deal (it may have been his only option), and it leads me to believe he's home for good. Hawk's Colorado days didn't go well at the end, but from what i understand, he took the fall like a true head coach does. Colorado hired a nobody as its next hire, and it was devastating to their program for years. Aggie Pride!
  • aggie6thman
    You can watch the press conference live right here! Just onto our blog section and we will carry the YouTube feed. You can also post on AST as you are watching!
  • movielover
    In Hawkins second year at Colorado they went 6-7, 4-4 in league, and played in the Independence Bowl.
  • Bige70
    This is the greatest news. Dr. Blue has exceeded all expectations - i doubt he would make a move this bold without confidence that the administration will back him and give the program the support it needs/deserves. Perhaps he even has insight into the chancellor search.

    This is DIVISION I FOOTBALL!!!! This team has some good talent - I predict at least a winning record next year.
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